For every shipment the right material

The correct packing material is essential for every shipment. We can provide the correct packing material for all shipment types (fresh or frozen semen).

Fresh semen transport (same day)

We have small EPS boxes (suitable for 2 tubes of fresh semen). Protected by a cardboard package. These are free of charge for shipments with us.

size: 13cm x 8cm x 5cm

Fresh semen transport (next day)

A strong EPS box, including cooling elements. Perfect for next day shipments. Available from us at an economical price!

size: 20cm x 18cm x 15 cm


Frozen semen

For frozen semen shipments (except for same day deliveries) we are obliged to use a 'dry shipper'
These contain no more liquid nitrogen when used correctly!

35cm (height) | 33cm (diameter)